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Exploration, Level 1: Crait

Take a photo of yourself in your Cheddar Monk robes, exploring the distinctive terrain of Crait. Post it online and post a link to it in this thread.

Cheddar Monk points: 3 to 5

Padawans who have completed this task

PadawanPoints earned   DateNotes
PowderedSnowflakes   4   2020-04-04  

An impressive week's work

MacareuxMoine   3   2020-05-03  

Concealment is certainly a useful skill to practice, but we did ask for a photo of you exploring the terrain

Exarssh   4   2020-05-04  

The hood of your robes appears to incorporate some advanced shadow-casting technology. We are most intrigued

Jack StarClerk   4   2021-03-24  

Crait is indeed a fascinating world, for you seem to be levitating only a small distance above the ground and yet your shadow is cast entirely out of shot