Cheddar Monk Academy | Challenges | Padawans

List of Challenges

Cheddar Philosophy1Chocolate Dice4 to 6, based on dice construction and quality
Creativity1Title Crawl4 to 7
Exploration1Crait3 to 5
Exploration2Mustafar3 to 5
Force Abilities1Summon Bigger Fish1 to 10, based on size of fish and other factors
Force Jump1Standing Jump3
Force Levitation1Paper3
Force Levitation2Laser Sword4 to 6
Force Manipulation120-sided Die5
Laser Sword1Build your Laser Sword5 to 7, based on construction techniques
Loyalty1Recreate a shot4 to 6, depending on faithfulness of reproduction
Negotiation1Convince the Instructors1 to 5, at discretion of instructors
Resilience1Carbon-freezing4 to 6