Cheddar Monk Academy | Challenges | Padawans

List of Challenges

Cheddar Philosophy1Chocolate Dice4 to 6, based on dice construction and quality
Creativity1Title Crawl4 to 7
Exploration1Crait3 to 5
Exploration2Mustafar3 to 5
Force Abilities1Summon Bigger Fish1 to 10, based on size of fish and other factors
Force Jump1Standing Jump3
Force Levitation1Paper3
Force Levitation2Laser Sword4 to 6
Force Manipulation120-sided Die5
Force Sensitivity1Detect Evil0 to 10
Laser Sword1Build your Laser Sword5 to 7, based on construction techniques
Laser Sword2Cutting Power6 to 8, based on ease of cutting and other factors
Loyalty1Recreate a shot4 to 6, depending on faithfulness of reproduction
Mechanical Ability1Build a Podracer6 to 10 based on design, construction, racing speed, and control
Negotiation1Convince the Instructors1 to 5, at discretion of instructors
Negotiation2Suggest a Challenge2 to 5
Resilience1Carbon-freezing4 to 6