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Creativity, Level 1: Title Crawl

Create your own opening title crawl video summarising one of your own adventures as a Cheddar Monk Padawan. It must be brief: no more than three paragraphs of 35 words or so each. Points will be awarded for creativity in content and presentation. Post your video online and post a link in this thread.

Do not use copyright music as a soundtrack.

Cheddar Monk points: 4 to 7

Padawans who have completed this task

PadawanPoints earned   DateNotes
PowderedSnowflakes   5   2020-04-30  

We sincerely hope that "turning sour" was a cheesemaking pun

WizardOfLizard   4   2020-05-23  

We would prefer to see some movement in a crawl

Exarssh   7   2020-05-31  

Excellently done!

Jack StarClerk   7   2020-09-02  

The execution of this trial was certainly skilful