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Laser Sword, Level 1: Build your Laser Sword

All Cheddar Monks must be able to build a laser sword from scratch. For this challenge, you must provide (1) a photo of yourself in your Cheddar Monk robes, showing the pieces out of which you will construct your laser sword, and (2) yourself in your robes wielding the completed laser sword.

Post your photos on the Internet and post a link in this thread.

We note that some Padawans already have functional laser swords. This challenge is not about having a laser sword, but about building one. So to pass you must build a new one.

Cheddar Monk points: 5 to 7, based on construction techniques

Padawans who have completed this task

PadawanPoints earned   DateNotes
kazzie   7   2020-03-29  

I would have liked to see a more powerful beam, but the construction is certainly worthy of a style point

PowderedSnowflakes   6   2020-04-03  

An impressively bright beam

MacareuxMoine   6   2020-04-07  

We are disturbed by the decision to include a Darth mode, but the sword seems to have a solid construction

Exarssh   7   2020-05-25  

This appears to be only about half as long as the canonical ten foot laser pole, but we award a style point for improvisation in the face of material limitations

Jack StarClerk   6   2021-05-01  

An intelligent choice of crystal and an attractive finish