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Padawan WizardOfLizard has completed 5 challenges and scored 20 points.

ChallengePointsTime (GMT)Notes
Creativity, Level 1:
Title Crawl
4   2020-05-23  

We would prefer to see some movement in a crawl

Force Manipulation, Level 1:
20-sided Die
5   2020-05-25  

Clearly you are well prepared for further Force Manipulation challenges

Force Levitation, Level 1:
3   2020-06-07  

You clearly understand the principle that quantity does not correspond to difficulty

Force Jump, Level 1:
Standing Jump
3   2020-06-07  

A faultless execution

Force Abilities, Level 1:
Summon Bigger Fish
5   2020-06-08  

The evidence supplied doesn't clearly demonstrate summoning